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Did you knew that features of your fingers give information about your love life?
Every day we read something about external features that reflect our personality. But have you ever read about the length of the finger, which gives information about love relationships? The first half of the thumb is longer than the second: You are faithful and passionate about your partner.
She lost 110 pounds for her wedding
Claire Crowther is a midwife from Wrexham, Great Britain. She had a very busy schedule. With an unhealthy diet and minimal physical activity, Claire had gotten to the point where she could no longer button her work uniform. "I couldn’t stand looking at myself. I removed all the mirrors and put away all the pictures of myself, I couldn’t stand to look at myself anymore," she said.
16 unbelievable funny Tweets made by Moms
These 16 Tweets, made by moms, are unbelievable funny! We all know, that moms love their children, but sometimes they have to think to oneself.
Heartbreaking images of refugees how they save their children.
Some fathers are true heroes. While some fathers try to deserve recognition through hard work, there are fathers who save their children from war and disaster areas. Today we show you some heartwarming and heartbreaking images of these fathers! They are just heroes, you can't say something other!
This man releases hundreds of snakes every month for an amazing reason.
Even a picture of a giant snake can frighten people. But what if hundreds of snakes come out of a green sack and creep into the forest? This gives goose bumps!

This man named Salem Khan from Bhopal, India, has been catching snakes for over 30 years. Every year he catches and releases about 500 snakes, such as rat snakes, cobras, vipers and many other dangerous reptiles, in the dark forest of Pachmarhi.
8 helpful home recipes to remove discoloration on your teeth.
Who doesn't want to have whiter and brighter smile? I think everyone, and everyone is willing to spend tons of money for it. But did you know that the solution is right in your kitchen? That's no joke! When rubbing orange peels on your teeth you get amazingly white teeth. Try it by yourself!
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